Take That – Giants

6 years ago The Brewery helped launch Take That into space for their epic video Kids, that same year we cast them out to sea in the video for The Flood.Their latest offering is a little more grounded – taking place in a blacken room dominated with projections.

The video was shot predominately with practical projections designed by Flat-e. However, multiple shots throughout the video were shot on green screen, this was to allow for more creative and immersive animations to surround the band.



The backgrounds were animated to sync with the track and went through several iterations to get the correct look and feel. Some shots feature geometric patterns which animate to the music, several other shots feature trippy patterns similar to the clothing worn by the band. These were recreated from reference and animated to undulate and pulsate before being composited to mimic the look of the rear projections.


The Brewery also conformed and onlined the video, adding transitions and overlays. Being heavily involved in the post process allowed for a very tight turn around of all the work involved.


Animators/Compositors: Matt Hutchings, Leandro Sarris, Andrey Polezhayev, Tabitha Moore