Two Rabbits is a visual effects packed Brazilian action film with a provocative story and narrative. Written and directed by Afonso Poyart and set in Brazil, the film takes us through many twists and turns, across an overload of pop culture references and blockbuster visuals so far unseen in Brazilian Films.

In 2010, Gus Martinez headed to Brazil to lead the VFX for the film, setting up a team inside Blackmaria Films with local and UK artists. Extreme practical explosions, surreal videogame and dream sequences were part of the exciting challenges faced in this job.

The feature debut in January 2012 and was received with great enthusiasm by critics and audiences around Brazil. On the back of this success, Afonso Poyart is now working on his first english spoken feature film in LA, being represented by UTA and Ascend Entertainment.

Tango Pictures recently acquired the rights of “Two Rabbits” for a Hollywood remake.