The Gamechangers is a BBC-produced factual drama starring Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton. It tells the story of the battle behind the hit video game Grand Theft Auto. With sales of over 150 million copies, Grand Theft Auto is the most successful game franchise ever created. Success did not come without its fair share of controversy. In 1997 Jack Thompson, a US conservative lawyer, sought $33 million in damages from its makers  for distributing violent material to minors.

The Brewery provided VFX for over one hundred shots in Gamechangers and also designed the opening titles. To show the effect the game had on its audience, real footage of game play was superimposed over players, immersing them in the game. These scenes led up to a tragic shooting in a police station, which mimicked real life events. The Brewery also created the key shot which closed the film – as the main character walks down the streets of New York the world around him transitions into a 6th generation-style computer game, allowing him to go on a GTA-style rampage, ploughing through hot dog stands and swerving to avoid the police.