It’s not for naught that Liam Gallagher described the Oasis documentary as ‘Biblical’. Supersonic is a fantastic collage of the sounds and images of the Oasis rock and roll fairytale.

Having worked with esteemed director Mat Whitecross on several previous projects (Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Coldplay) the Brewery were brought on board to create animated sequences where existing archive footage was limited or not available. This was an incredibly exciting adventure as both our creative director and technical team had to come up with visuals that were relevant to the band and era while helping to carry the story. The Brewery team where also responsible for all main titles and animated titles throughout – working with designer/producer Simon Halfon to establish a style.

The end result is over 15 minutes of animation throughout the documentary – an energetic mix of 2D and 3D, illustration work and practical filming to create a visual language that suits the spirit of Oasis.



Marc Knapton, Shiraz Peer Liberman
2D Animation and illustration: Matt Hutchings, Andrey Polezhayev
3D Artist: Tom Norman, Kieran Gunn
2D Artists: Leandro Sarris, Joshua Batson, Alana McGarrie, Rob Pybus, Chiara Talarico