Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond is a Sky Atlantic mini-series detailing the wartime life of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. Told in four, one hour instalments, the drama was directed by Matt Whitecross and starred actor Domonic Cooper in the lead

The story follows a young Ian Fleming from failed stockbroker and family embarrassment to fulfilling a position as a Naval Intelligence officer. Along the way his playboy lifestyle and cocky attitude lead him to a series of encounters that would plant the seed for a fictional character, set to become one of the most famous of all time. The audience is treated to a bevvy of winks to Mr Bond throughout the series, raising the question of where fact ends and fiction begins.

The Brewery was hired as the sole provider of the show’s 150 visual effects shots. The work included matte paintings,  computer generated aircraft, composited gunfire and bullets hits, simulated explosions, demolition and fluid effects, clean up and paint work and even some miniature effects – everything you’d expect from a Bond film!

See a breakdown of our version of Goldeneye, Ian Flemings Jamaican home and birthplace of the James Bond novels.