The Brewery have completed a 30 second promo for Dovetail Games’ latest production, simply entitled ‘Fishing’. It was an entirely computer generated piece that explores a pristine carp fishing lake and its surrounds. Led on by a swift moving dragonfly the camera passes 4 fisherman in various scenarios of the yet to be released game.

Characters for the promo were sculpted and textured in Autodesk’s Mudbox, then animated in Maya. Water was simulated in Bifrost, Autodesk’s new liquid simulation software, which we hope to use again soon. Pixar’s Renderman was used to render the final images, they were intended to have a hyper-real look that would suit a modern computer game aesthetic.The Brewery was the sole provider for this job, taking it from concept through to completion including, pre-visualisation and the sound design.

Dovetail Games Fishing is currently slated for a late 2014 release, and is initially being developed for PC with more formats to follow.

Final Animation with sound design




Early Previsualisation Animatic

Mid way through project – Animation has been blocked out